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Welcome to Avery Wealth

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to visit with us.  We deeply believe that with proper education and planning, you can make decisions that will put you in the best possible position to maximize your financial resources in retirement.

As you may know, retirement planning today is as complicated as ever.  When you consider the various choices you must make, including what investments are appropriate, when to begin taking social security benefits, and how to manage your taxes through this unique period of your life, it can be a stressful time.  Making prudent choices in each of these areas is a worthwhile goal for anyone preparing for retirement.

Unfortunately, many families are not sure the right questions to ask or have a clear understanding how each of these choices may affect other parts of their overall retirement plan.  As you have probably heard before, there is no free lunch, and that is as true with prudent retirement planning as with any facet of life.  Each choice involves give and take, and understanding the impact of each decision ahead of time is often the key to a successful outcome.

Making the challenge greater, a recent Wall Street Journal survey noted that about half of families preparing for retirement, will not, or are very uncomfortable visiting with a financial advisor.  This is understandable considering much of the recent poor publicity the industry has received, and the impact on your family’s future if poor advice is implemented.  That is one of the main reasons we believe that education, and understanding the choices you are making is one of the biggest keys to success.

With that in mind, our hope is that the materials provided will help you build or enhance your existing knowledge, allowing you to make better decisions for your own family.  Many of these choices are often difficult to change, and will likely have a substantial long-term impact on the consistency of your income and taxes that you pay throughout your retirement years.  Therefore, our best advice is to take your time, grow your knowledge, and understand what you are doing before making these critical decisions.

And above all else, don’t be afraid to ask questions!