The 5 Stages of Investment

Having a systematic process that involves your other professionals allows your financial plan to progress efficiently and often avoid major snafus as strategies have been reviewed by multiple members of your team before being implemented.  Without a systematic process in place, things are often done as “one-offs” and in the long-run may create more challenges than benefits.  These small missteps can compound over time and create substantial negative consequences that can take years to overcome.
The 5 Stages of Investment 1


You have goals and dreams, and your financial plan should help you reach them. We start our relationship together by getting to know you, hearing about your journey, and identifying your goals, dreams, interests, values, assets, and preferred management process. With this deep understanding, we develop a financial roadmap that is tailored to you.


In this stage, we assess your financial situation and current investments and identify any gaps in your portfolio. We recommend opportunities for improvement, walk you through each recommendation to explain our rationale. The goal is to establish a foundation that positions you well to maximize your investments and achieve your long-term goals.


At this point, you have a clear picture of your financial situation and have reviewed our recommendations for improvement. The next step is to decide whether you want to continue working together. Whether you choose us to manage your investments or not, our goal is to inform you so you can be better equipped to take control of your financial future.


The next step is to look to the future and optimize your financial plan around four key wealth areas: preservation, enhancement, transfer, and giving. We want to help you protect and grow your assets, set your children or other dependents up for success, and live generously.


Like any relationship, it is important to stay in touch! We’ll meet every quarter to keep you informed of your investment progress and to hear if your life, goals, or priorities have changed. Additionally, we will monitor any forces that may impact your financial plan and refine it as needed, maximizing opportunities and ensuring steady progress towards your goals.

The Next Step

As you consider the right next step for you given your unique situation, please feel free to contact us to further explore this and other investing topics. At Avery Wealth we believe education and information is key to reaching your goals.

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