Understanding Costs

Understanding Costs 1

Understanding how an advisor charges for their services is imperative in finding the right fit for your personal situation. Generally, most advisors either are compensated through upfront commissions for products they sell or on an ongoing basis through a percentage of investments that they manage on your behalf. Neither arrangement is necessarily better or worse. […]

The 5 Stages of Investment

Having a systematic process that involves your other professionals allows your financial plan to progress efficiently and often avoid major snafus as strategies have been reviewed by multiple members of your team before being implemented.  Without a systematic process in place, things are often done as “one-offs” and in the long-run may create more challenges than benefits.  These small missteps can compound over time and create substantial negative consequences that can take years to overcome.

The Different Types of Financial Advisors

The Different Types of Financial Advisors 2

Which one should you work with? We find that, by and large, people seeking financial advice know to look for a financial advisor who has high levels of integrity and who wants to do what is in their clients’ best interest at all times. But it seems that fewer people pay attention to the orientation […]