The College Planning Process

Our free college money report provides you with the important information on what college and universities think you can afford versus what you can actually afford. Downloading the money report is the key first step in making an informed college choice. Helping your family look for colleges that you can afford through scholarships, grants and savings. 

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Does this sound like you?

I'm considering using a second mortgage to pay for college
We have money saved, but need to understand how to maximize our options
My student will need to pay for part of their college plan

The College Planning Process

College Planning Process 1
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Clearly understand where your financial gaps are for college. Recognize long-term impacts & avoid issues.

College Planning Process 2
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Be Intentional

To be successful financially you have to be intentional. Find out which schools fits your financial goals. Start from success.

College Planning Process 3
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Understand the long-term impact & consequences of your school choice. Compare offers & apply to your favorites.

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