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At Avery Wealth, we help families make smart decisions with their money. If you have a student who is considering college, join us for our college planning seminar!

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Angela T.
Great Planning Tool!
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The College Aid Pro app has been an indispensable tool when it comes to planning for my daughter’s college education. Not only has it allowed us to compare school costs and financial awards she has been offered, but it also allows us to track application due dates and admission decision due dates. With another teen in the family, this has been a great tool for planning how we will help fund both of their educations.

Why I decided to provide this webinar:

If you’ve ever sent a child off to college or are going to in the next couple of years, you probably have thought to yourself, “Wow, where did all the time go?” The time goes by fast and the opportunity to save for college is fleeting. Not to mention, in the early years of parenthood there are other savings priorities. Saving for a home, paying off your student debt, saving for retirement is usually higher on the priority list than saving for college. The years go by and now you are trying to figure out how you are going to pay for college. The decision on where to send your child is often made before fully understanding the true cost of the school and having a plan to pay for it. Unfortunately, most families end up filling this substantial gap with both student and parent loans, which can have a negative impact on the family years into the future. Believe me I understand, I’ve been there... That's why I've put together this free program to help you discover your options and learn best practices when planning for college.