Is Your Portfolio Broken?

Research consistently shows that families are struggling with the investment process.  Annual studies have uncovered that the average investor’s investment return is much lower than what the markets are providing, which is making it very difficult for families to reach financial independence.  Further, poor portfolio design can make it almost impossible for a portfolio to last through a 25 - 30 year retirement. 

The good news is that the investment process can be simplified so that it is understandable, and much easier to manage through the good and bad times that all of us will likely experience in the future.  Once you take the first step in taking ownership of the direction of your investments, everything changes.  Our Certified Financial Planners™ have the experience and skill to lead you on this journey, and help you improve the design of your investments so that the future is more certain. 

So if you are frustrated or feel like you don’t really know if your portfolio is broke, Click Here to schedule a cup of coffee with one of our Certified Financial Planners™ at our office or your local Biggby® or Starbucks®, the choice is yours.  

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