Uncle Sam & Your Plan

How many times have you thought, “If I didn’t have to pay so much in taxes, I would be set!”  This is probably more true with retirement income planning than any area of life.  Many folks use conventional wisdom when selecting when to take Social Security, which accounts to pull money from to supplement their fixed income sources, and whether or not Roth conversions make sense for them. 

Unfortunately, conventional wisdom almost always results in a much larger long-term tax bill then many families should be paying.  Our Certified Financial Planners™ take the time to build out truly custom retirement income plans that not only put you in the best position for your money to last, but to also reduce your tax burden so that more money stays in your families pocket.  (We can even show you how different strategies stack up, and the exact amount of money you are positioned to save…

Are you ready to to find out if your Conventional Wisdom is setting you up for a big bill to Uncle Sam?  Click Here to schedule a cup of coffee with one of our Certified Financial Planners™ and find out  We can visit at our office or your local Biggby® or Starbucks®, the choice is yours.

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