Do I Need An Advisor?

Deciding on the need for an advisor often comes down to a few things. First, have you set a good financial foundation so that you are beyond the “just getting by stage” and have a stable debt and cashflow position. Second, how complex is your situation, and would an advisor be able to help fast-track your success by helping you manage the day to day decisions that sometimes seem small but can have substantial impacts on your long-term success. And lastly, are you someone that is comfortable working with a partner, or would you feel more comfortable as a do-it-yourselfer and managing these decisions independently. 

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A solid financial foundation starts with having an understanding of your current financial situation. Three areas you should have a firm grasp on:

  • Understand your cash flow and have a budget that works.
  • Know who you owe and have a plan to pay off your debts.
  • Have an understanding of the assets you have accumulated and a savings plan.

The old saying, the certainty in life is change, could not be accurate. Life transitions are times when we need a second opinion. Retirement, the loss of a spouse, divorce, a career change are all events that create financial uncertainty. Contacting a qualified advisor can bring clarity to your situation.

Absolutely. Stress-testing your current financial plan examining where you are today, where you want to be, and what may prevent you from getting there. If you are wondering if you have done enough or if there are things you could be doing to improve your situation, stress testing your plan will give you the clarity you need and provide the peace of mind you deserve.

A good financial plan will illustrate how good, average or bad market conditions can impact your ability to be successful. This will allow you to remain focused on the parts of your financial plan that you can control.

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As you consider the right next step for you given your unique situation, please feel free to contact us to further explore this and other investing topics. At Avery Wealth we believe education and information is key to reaching your goals.

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