The Retirement Cafe: With Dan Reese and Brent Oliver

Welcome to the Retirement Café! Today we are going to talk about predicting the future and why listening to predictions can be such an issue for so many families.

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Today we are going to talk about why the overabundance of financial information and technology tools may be preventing families from achieving financial independence versus helping them.

Welcome to The Retirement Café! Today we are going to discuss what is in the new Secure Act 2.0 which is part of the massive $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill passed by congress at the end of 2022. Understanding the changes for those working and those retired is important so you can make good financial decisions in 2023 and beyond.

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” Every year the market has a way of reminding us of lessons taught in previous years. Today we are going to talk about what the market taught us in 2022.

Rising inflation rates and volatile stock markets are causing many investors to worry about the future of their investments. Today, we are going to talk about bear markets and some strategies you can use to not only endure but thrive during times of uncertainty.

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