The Retirement Cafe: With Dan Reese and Brent Oliver

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” Every year the market has a way of reminding us of lessons taught in previous years. Today we are going to talk about what the market taught us in 2022.

Rising inflation rates and volatile stock markets are causing many investors to worry about the future of their investments. Today, we are going to talk about bear markets and some strategies you can use to not only endure but thrive during times of uncertainty.

Today on The Retirement Café, we are going to discuss realistic expectations for investment returns. Many times, families have a hard time determining how they are doing with their investments, so today we are going to discuss historical information to give you a better idea on how to judge your results

Diversification is one of the most important fundamental investing ideals. This concept seems to be misunderstood and many people’s portfolios aren’t truly diversified. We address what proper diversification might look like and debunk some of the popular misconceptions.

Most financial professionals make it a point to have an annual review done with you to look over your portfolio and see how everything has been doing. These reviews should make you feel secure in your plan moving forward, however, some advisors have this review to see if they can sell you another financial product. Dan and Brent talk today on what their annual reviews look like and some red flags you should be weary of.

For many years, people have put the majority of what they saved for retirement into a 401k account. This can create some complications down the road because it is a pre-tax investment vehicle. Dan and Brent talk to us today on why you may want to consider other types of investments to avoid a huge tax bill in the future.

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