The Retirement Cafe: With Dan Reese and Brent Oliver

There are many people that feel like they will never be able to retire. They worry that they will not have enough money to live off of to be comfortable, but this can be solved by developing an income plan. Knowing where your different streams of income are coming from each month can ease this worry and give you the confidence to finally retire. Dan and Brent talk us through how they build income plans for their clients and what considerations they have to make throughout this process.

This is the last installment of our retirement phase series. It’s not easy to discuss how you would like your assets to be distributed when you are gone, but it is certainly an essential conversation to have. We take a look at some items you should review, making your assets tax-efficient, and much more.

Now that you have accumulated money and have transitioned into retirement, it’s important to strategically plan out how you will use your assets to live off of. We discuss how to make your distribution plan efficient and a couple things to take a closer look at when you enter this phase.

This week we are diving into part two of our four-part series on the different stages of money, which includes accumulation, transitioning into retirement, the distribution phase, and your legacy. So today we get to talk about what many people get most excited about, transitioning into retirement.

This week we are kicking off a 4-part series on the different stages of money, which include accumulation, transitioning to retirement, the distribution phase, and your legacy. Over these sessions we hope to give our listeners some key elements to focus on during these different stages so they can optimize their long-term financial health.

For many years, people have put the majority of what they saved for retirement into a 401k account. This can create some complications down the road because it is a pre-tax investment vehicle. Dan and Brent talk to us today on why you may want to consider other types of investments to avoid a huge tax bill in the future.

We will be covering our three-part advisory process that allows families to design, build and protect a comprehensive long-term plan that reflects what is most important to them, including their values, needs, concerns and hopes. Today we will focus on the final part, which is protecting your plan.

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