Is An Economist An Expert?

Is an economist an expert? I don’t know but we will let you decide.
Is An Economist An Expert? 1

Is an economist an expert? I don’t know but we will let you decide:

“We will have a recession because we’ve had five months of zero M2 growth, money supply growth, and the Fed isn’t even looking at it.” Steve Hanke, Economist – John Hopkins University

“I don’t see anything that resembles a recession. We have record low unemployment, record high vacancies. That looks like a strong economy.” Richard Thaler, Nobel Prize Winner – Economist – University of Chicago

“A recession is more likely than a soft landing…” Liz Ann Sonders – Economist – Charles Sonders

“The U.S. is not heading for a recession in nominal terms, even if it is in real terms.” Steen Jakobsen – Chief Investment Officer – Saxo Bank

“I do not think the U.S. is currently in a recession.” Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

“I don’t think we’ve fallen into a recession yet.” David Mericle, Economist – Goldman Sachs Research

“We are in a recession.” CEO Cathie Wood – Ark Invest

“Are we in a recession? We don’t think so yet.” Joel Prakken, Economist – S&P Global Market Intelligence

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